Novonix is a company spun out of Dr. Jeff Dahn’s lab at Dalhousie University that specializes in developing battery testing equipment with a strong focus on the use of High Precision Coulometry for reliable lifetime evaluation of lithium-ion cells.

Improve your batteries with top-of-the-line battery cyclers. Novonix’s High Precision Cycler systems provide industry leading low noise and high accuracy source and measurement electronics catered to making precision measurements, including coulombic efficiency, of lithium-ion battery performance.

Advance your battery research with superior temperature control. Novonix has multiple thermal chamber solutions with accurate and stable temperature control to interface with cycler systems. Novonix thermal chambers can operate from -20°C to +80°C.

Let Novonix help your company meet and exceed your lithium-ion battery related research and development. Novonix offers cell testing services in our high precision charger test lab as well as materials development and consulting, including professional data analysis and reports.