Systems and Services

Novonix was established to develop battery testing systems specifically catered to precision measurements of coulombic efficiency. Our high precision charger systems have been proven and externally validated to measure the coulombic efficiency of cells to typically less than 10 ppm precision and 50 ppm accuracy.

Novonix currently offers 5V2A systems and our new 5V20A systems to suite battery testing from R&D size to production cells for electric vehicle applications. In addition to charger channels, Novonix supplies full ‘turn-key’ options which include thermal chamber and cell holder options. With more products under development, be sure to contact us with any questions about our equipment capability.

Thermal Chamber Options.pdf

Cell Holder Options.pdf

Novonix offers cell testing services on our in-house high precision chargers allowing customers to access to state of the art equipment coupled with Novonix’s expertise.

Novonix’s team has over 30 years of materials development and characterization experience. Novonix works with customers to evaluate the performance of their material in Li-ion battery applications. From structural characterization to physical property measurement through to electrochemical performance evaluation in test cells ranging from coin cells to pouch, prismatic or cylindrical cells, Novonix has the capability to help you develop your material to its full potential.